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Corporate Social Responsability


A significant part in the Company policy is alloted to social responsibility campaigns. They involve campaigns for landscaping of spaces between apartment buildings, supporting the activities of establishments for children, and cultural-social events, donations, charity intiatives, etc,


We heat buildings but nothing can warm one’s soul in the way a child’s smile can.

  • Each year, on the occasion of Children’s Day – June the first, we provide joy to our youngest customers by donating children toys to 13 kindergartens and nurseries joined to our heat transmission network.
  • We renovate and construct up-to-date children playgrounds.


The Company contributes to landscaping of spaces between apartment buildings and creation of comfortable city environment, by donating:

·         Benches and new aluminum gates to buildings where more than 70% of the apartment owners use heat and hot water, and have no outstanding obligations to the Company.

·         Energy-efficient lighting

Veolia Energy Varna EAD awarded the courageous presentation of Radostina Visokova and her team (her neighbours from the apartment building section) for the well deserved 1st place in the Facebook game of Dalkia "Neighbourhood Alliances" with a personal award of Lenovo Yoga Tablet for the winner, and energy-efficient sensor LED lighting for the entire apartment building section on behalf of which they played! The prize was awarded by the Manager of Customers, Transmission Network and Development Department of Dalkia Varna EAD – Mr. Orlin Penkov.

The application for the game was specially developed for the Company with the intent to provoke the social network users not just to seek entertainment and strive to win but also to form an  alliance with their neighbours and friends aiming to gain a common award intended for better life conditions for them all.   

The Neighbourhood Alliances game formed a part of this year’s communications campaign of Veolia Energy Varna EAD named "Heat your Home", which focuses on popularization of the topical trading and social programs of the Company among its customers. The customer oriented policy implemented by the Company involves offers for assistance through discount in case of replacement of the old cold and hot water pipes in the apartment building section, and in case of installation of remote reading water meters.    

The "Heat Your Home" campaign mission is expressed through its major message : "Warm Home – Warm Heart". By this message, the Company delicately reminds the importance of life quality for the general wellbeing of the persons living within the same apartment building or a section of it, or in the same sity or state.  The team of Radostina Visokova proved that that is possible and provided a good example to all Company customers, and to the citizens of Varna in general.